Thursday, September 6, 2007

Why Acting Class is Crucial in your Development as an Actor!

?Do I really need to go to acting class; my friends think I?m a
natural performer? Isn?t acting all about knowing lines anyway??

If only acting where all about knowing lines. If it where that
simple everyone would be an actor. Acting requires skill and
discipline on many levels and to start to learn about these
skills and disciplines acting class is the PERFECT place.

An acting class is not like any other class, history or English
or pottery. There is no formula or textbook regurgitation to
passing an acting class.

Acting class is very different; really it is the study of YOU! Of the Self!

Great acting comes from a place of knowing. Knowing your truth,
knowing how to relate, knowing how to connect and communicate.

Acting class is the place where you go to KNOW more about YOU!

The way to learn more about your Self is to put yourself out
there. Try a love scene. How do you feel? What happens when I
allow myself to be funny or sad? How does it feel? Are my
instincts tuned? How do people react? What can I do to go

An acting class should be a safe environment where you can learn
to express yourself. All of you. And even if your efforts flop
this is the perfect environment because it hasn?t cost you
anything in terms of losing a job or making the wrong impression
with the people that count.

Find an acting class or acting teacher that is supportive and
encouraging, one that is constructive and objective not critical.

Acting class, first and foremost should be FUN but also
challenging! You want it to be a place where you are
continuously discovering, going deeper, and pushing your comfort

Use your acting class to try everything. Don?t shy away from
your impulses, urges, and ideas, embrace them. This is how you
will grow as an actor.

This is the place where you can really screw up, fall flat on
your face, and it doesn?t matter. This is the place to learn to
push the boundaries, to discover who you are and how you work as
an actor.

Also I find that when you are continuously working on your craft
in such an environment you?re in a state ready to work, you have
greater confidence in your ability. You?re prepared to nail that

So go out there, take an acting class and:
Express yourself
Learn the craft, Gather the tools
Find your Technique
Make mistakes
Learn the Lingo
Work with other like-minded people
Meet people and start a theatre group
See if your have what it takes
Practice, Practice, Practice
Add to your resume
Free yourself up
And most importantly;
Have fun!
To Your acting
Leanne Mauro

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