Monday, October 29, 2007

Great Acting Requires Sincere Effort

One of the first true mysteries that children encounter when growing up is trying to understand what acting is all about. The idea of people trying to be other than they really are and involved in completely fictional situations?is a bit difficult to grasp. But, like moths to the flame, even confused children cannot help but watch. There is a good reason for this?a great story is always entertaining. Of course, the acting used to tell a great story is as important as the tale because the audience must be able to escape with the actors in the world of imagination and make-believe. Therefore, the actors must be able to envision themselves in extreme or remote situations and give a realistic presentation of how a person would truly behave. Great acting makes it easier for those in the audience to escape with the actor into the tale they are attempting to present.

By combining imagination, physical expression, and vocal projection, acting has taken many forms through the centuries to translate the actions and thoughts of written characters to live audiences. At the expense of social status during the Roman Empire, actors performed the poetry of great writers in open courtyards to entertain the masses. Theater troops entirely comprised of men expressed the comedy and tragedy of Shakespeare?s plays before women were allowed to perform. And, later during the early 20th century, acting was taken to new heights with the invention of cameras for use in movies and television.

Originally derived from the Latin word for ?to do?, there are many forms of expression that acting can take on. Today, actors train extensively in areas of study such as mime, singing, dancing, and improvisation to capture the true emotions of a character. Learning institutions throughout the United States and the world offer programs to develop the skills and insight necessary to perform great literary, musical, and dance pieces.

From your child?s elementary school holiday program, to your favorite television show, acting can be found in many aspects of our daily lives. Consider expanding your appreciation of acting with a trip to a local theater or operatic production for an experience that lasts a lifetime. Many local and regional theaters remain in operation and afford all aspiring actors the chance to hone their acting talents while still providing inexpensive entertainment to those in attendance. makes it easy to find information on movies, music and more. Visit our site and learn more about Performing Arts today.

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