Friday, November 2, 2007

Secret 3 For Your Acting Audition Success

 It?s time to nail that acting audition!

Boy can it be scary in that audition room.

Well let me tell you there is hope and it?s not about relying on
luck, or a miracle but on something that is within YOU. A power
that is so strong that it is never wrong. Once you know how to
use this power acting becomes easy.

All great actors have it and use it.

All successful business people bank on it.

I?m talking about your GUT INSTINCT.

And we all have it.

It?s that ?Aha? feeling you get like a light bulb going off, or
it may come in the form of a vision, a buzz, or a sudden sour

As any skill improves with training and practice so too does
your intuition.

A large degree of intuition comes from experience and knowledge.
Your intuition is like a computer in your brain, your
subconscious, that sifts through the endless amounts of
information to make a hit.

Therefore to help your intuition along you need to put the
information, knowledge and experiences into your system before
walking into that audition room.

One thing you can be sure of when you walk into an audition room
is the work that you have put into the script and the character.
If you have done your homework, including research and script
breakdown, then that will give you an edge because you have put
the information and knowledge in so that your Gut Instinct can
work its magic.

One of the most important keys to your acting audition success

Your gut instinct comes from a place of KNOWING.

I recall this one time I had an acting audition and I had done
all my homework on the character and the script and the casting
agent wasn?t happy with my choice and wanted me to change what I
was doing. Her suggestion went against everything I knew in my
gut, I spoke up about how I felt and then did it again in the
way I knew it to be in line with the character, against her
advice. You know what, I got the job and the director had said
to me I was the only one that gave him what he was looking for
in the audition. Casting agents are there to guide you but they
may not have a full understanding of the character because after
all that is the actors job. As long as you?re coming from a
place of KNOWING then I?d say its ok to question the casting

I just knew it in my body the feeling came as a sick kind of
feeling in my stomach like what I was hearing was wrong and
wasn?t going to work.

If you know you?ve done the work follow your GUT INSTINCT!

Risky? YES!

Does it pay? YES!

Don?t be afraid to follow what you believe to be true.

Stand your ground take a risk.

To Your Acting Success

Leanne Mauro

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