Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Creativity: Acting Like God

I have begun, what seems to be a mission, of encouraging everyone to write. I don?t mean like suggesting that they write down an idea or two. I have been harassing friends to write down all the thoughts in their heads. It has becomes something of a crusade for me. It all started with Scott, The Guy With The Name Tag.

I have a friend named Scott Ginsberg who has been wearing a name tag everyday for nearly 3, 000 days. He is a marketing guru. A few months ago, Scott encouraged me to two of his most sacred success practices. Both strategies are questions which he considers daily.

The first question is boldly displayed at the entrance of is office. ?Is everything in your head written down somewhere?? This question leads us to consider the value and the mortally of our thoughts. Our unique experiences shape our view of the world. I would venture to say that our perspective of the world is our only unique contribution to the world. Unless we write down our thoughts, there is no guarantee of the perpetuation of our highest self, which is our thought. As of yet, there is no way to download the content of our brain in the event of our untimely death. So, the best that we can do is get all of our thoughts down on paper.

The second question is symmetrically displayed on the opposing wall. ?What Have You Written Today?? Consequently, this question is the logical expression of the first. If you answer negatively to the first, then you must commit to writing down your thoughts. To get every thought of your massive brain down on paper requires a true commitment. Scott encouraged me to make a commitment to writing everyday. He has made a commitment to writing at least 30 minutes everyday.

After discussing writing topics and strategies, Scott gave me these inspirational words: ?Writing is basis of wealth.? The statement needed no explanation. But he continued, ?Think modular. A modular is a small chunk of information that can be distributed in different venues.? Your writing, once written, can become many different products like; workshops, pod casts, chapters of a book, lectures etc. I understood the value immediately and went to work writing.

It has been these two questions and Scott?s encouragement that has reignited my passion for writing. It has resulted in several published articles and these very words that I write at this moment. As I have embarked on this new mission to get all of my thoughts down on paper, I have come to realized that writing is not only the basis of wealth. It is also the first step of the creative process.

Exploring and developing my creativity is the most rewarding experience of my life. I often call it acting like God. Most Christians believe that God spoke the world into existence. I would imagine that God had this idea about what should be and then spoke it into existence. Humanity has not evolved entirely to this level yet. Our ability to transform an intangible thought into a physical reality has not been perfected. Therefore, an intermediate step is still required for us; writing. However, I have found that once I writing my thoughts down, I can easily convert that writing into tangible products. My writings have become articles. Those articles have become discussion groups. Those discussion groups are becoming television shows and those shows will become a series of workshops and seminars. I get so excited to see my thoughts evolving into real stuff. It?s great. I?m acting like God. It be quite a trip for him to look at the world and see the stuff that was once only a thought.

So is the process of writing, publishing and bringing to others the thoughts of your mind. I have spent most of my casual moments encouraging my friends, family and associates to embrace the two questions posed to me by Scott. The act of using my thoughts to bring me the experiences I desire, wealth, and recognition, is probably in-line with God?s intentions. I believe that we were created in the likeness of God. Therefore, it is only natural that we would fine peace, excitement and motivation in the creative process. I encourage you to make a record of your thoughts, ideas and reflection on a daily basis. Maybe, you might find that this process will lead to a long and prosperous life.

Harlan B. Hodge is a writer and social worker in St. Louis Missouri. He is the creator and publisher of Teach and Learn Magazine, a DVD-Based publication. He conducts workshops and seminars on effectively using technology to enhance classroom learning and leadership. To reserve Harlan for lectures or workshops, please send an email to harlan@harlanbhodge.com

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