Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Acting - My Future Stage Career

What is an actor?
An actor plays a role in an artistic production, most commonly in movies, television and theatre. As well as performing roles, an actor may be called upon to dance, sing perform acrobatics and for radio and animated productions be a voice artist.

?Actor? is a gender neutral term, however, some female actors prefer to be known as ?actresses? (2005, Wikipedia)

School Subjects

If you wish to become an actor, the main subject that you should endeavour to participate in is Drama. Studying Drama will teach you to perform, achieve focus and understand the different types and styles of dramatic acting.

Another almost essential subject to study is English. Almost every actor needs to be literate and able to understand language from a variety of eras. A language other than English [LOTE] subject can also be beneficial as acting is an international occupation.

Other subjects to consider include ancient history, modern history and geography.

Training Required

Formally, becoming an actor requires no qualifications or training. However, to make you seem more qualified and skilled, receiving a qualification from an external Performing Arts school will be beneficial. (2005, Art-Search)

Extra curricular activities such as dance and singing lessons, as well as volunteer participation in community events and performances are a great addition to a portfolio/resume.

In short
Becoming an actor is a long and difficult chore. Sheer determination and natural skill are prerequisites that a ?wannabe? actor cannot be without. Acting is one of the most brutal and challenging careers to pursue, but also one of the most rewarding.

An actor will always have a job in society as humans have a desire to be entertained.

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