Friday, September 21, 2007

Key to Building a Successful Acting Career

When you hop in the car to drive from one destination to another you know that the drive will take a certain amount of time and that you don?t go from one place to the other instantaneously.

You don?t stop the car half way through the journey and decide ?that?s it, I?m over this driving I?m going back?, no you know where you are and you know where you want to go and you drive to get there and it will take a certain amount of time with different obstacles and experiences along the way.

Well it?s no different with your acting career.

All too often actors expect that if they haven?t made it over night it?s not going to happen or they expect to make it over night and can?t understand why it hasn?t happened.

Ok here?s the deal the key to building a successful acting career is to understand that it is a career, just like any other. If you can view your acting career like any other business you allow your self to take some of the pressure off yourself and stair step your career. To build a successful acting career it takes time. A career spans over your entire lifetime. It?s about climbing up the ladder of success one rung at a time, just like in any other field. You don?t become the CEO of a mega corporation straight out of university; you work your way up. Even for those actors that it appears that it happened over night for them they still have to work at it like you do.

Take actions, wherever you are at act!

If you need to polish up your technique, study!

If your not getting hired, make your own!

Do what ever you can do wherever you are at, NOW, don?t put off what can be done today till tomorrow.

The key to building a successful acting career is Do What You Have To Do.

Do you need a new agent? Well then change?do you have your headshots? Showreel?

Do what you have to do, and don?t worry if it?s not perfect do it, then learn from it then do it and do it and do it till it?s exactly how you would love but if you don?t start you are guaranteed than nothing much will happen in your acting career.

Get into theatre, do short films, make a film, just start somewhere and the next step on your journey will be revealed to you guaranteed!

So right now think about one thing you have been putting off that you know will advance your acting career and make a date in your diary for it and commitment to yourself for you to do it.

To your acting career success!

Leanne Mauro is a professional actress working in theater, film and TV. One of her favorite success moments was working with the legendary Peter Bogdanovich.

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