Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Becoming a Working Actor: How to Get Acting Jobs

Lots of people think that those who ?make it? are lucky. That luck plays a part in their success in landing acting jobs.

I don?t believe in luck I believe in being ready for when opportunity knocks.

If those that have made it didn?t have the skill or the ability, or they weren?t ready or more importantly if they didn?t resonate at the right vibration they wouldn?t have got the acting jobs.

An important component in success and landing acting jobs is belief in your self. If you believe in yourself you attract experiences to reflect that belief, like landing more acting jobs!

There?s a powerful force in the universe called the Law of Attraction. If you believe in yourself, you believe in your ability, and you affirm your success daily without any conflicting thoughts of self-doubt or insecurity you will resonate with the work that you are destined to do and you will get acting jobs. The world including us is a set of vibrations and when we vibrate at the same frequency as success, wealth and Well-Being we attract that into our lives.

So in order to increase your vibrations to attract acting jobs into your life, start feeling what it would be like to be working as an actor all the time, start feeling what its like to have your greatest dreams fulfilled. The universe doesn?t know the difference between reality and make believe, so start pretending that you have it all now. Feel those feelings daily, spend time each morning feeling that, tap into it each day, allow yourself to experience you dreams through your feeling of what it would like if they were already achieved and watch how your outside reality will start mirroring your internal reality. Remember focus on what you would love and don?t negate this. Don?t worry that the outside isn?t reflecting your internal reality yet. It will! When you change your internal dialogue amazing things happen.

Start acknowledging that you?re a great actor and watch what happens to your work. Start affirming that the industry supports you and watch what happens.

Feel it NOW! Do this daily, it works!

Remember: affirmation without action equals frustration. So feel it then go and take an action in the direction of your dream.

To more acting jobs

Leanne Mauro is a professional actress working in theater, film and TV. One of her favorite success moments was working with the legendary Peter Bogdanovich.

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